Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic Task

                                                                Olympic task  

Hi guys today I am going to be blogging about my Olympic task because the Olympic 2016 is coming up   soon. I am doing my Olympic task on artist gymnastic  artist gymnastics was the first Olympic event          sport ever. now I am going to tell you some things that the athletes yours in artist gymnastics they use halo hope's string. robins and ball's. when I am bone I am going to make a model of the gymnastic stadium.
now I am going to tell you guys some facts about the artist gymnastic. the balls have to be soft. so if they fall the ball won't heart the gymnast.    

1: there are 4 women's artist gymnastic's events.

2: artist gymnastic's was first introduces in the 1928.

3: there are no more perfect 10 in gymnastic's

4: men"s artist gymnastics has 6 event

here is a photo

This girl is using the ribbon. They have to work really hard to lean how to do all those
moves. well that it for now I hope you like my blog post and keep an I out for more of my blogs.      



  1. Some very interesting facts. I did not know that artist gymnastics was the first Olympic event sport ever.

  2. Well done Holly you had great facts you really described artistic gymnastics
    Kai Pai! ;)