Thursday, July 28, 2016


                                        my weekend at dads house  

Hi I am so happy to be back at school. my holiday was really exciting because on Saturday me and my brother went to my dad's house. When we got there was really late. When I was ready I asked dad what we can to tomorrow dad just said it was an surprise. I got up really early when dad got and was ready he finally told us where we we're going he said we are going to Napier and going to the move tether to wash finding dory when he told us me and my brother were really excited. When we got there we were starving so we got some chips from the cafe next door from the tether. the line was so long it nearly went out the door it took a while. we sat on the to row of seats well at least I did. the move was awesome dad my brother and me we're so tired so we took our time and drived back to my dads house.      

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