Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hi guys welcome back today I am going to be blogging about all types of graphs. I hope one you enjoy of the graph that we have bean leaning about is a bar graph. they are really  fun to make but it is all so challenging At times. A graph always has a topic if it doesn't it wouldn't be a proper graph. a graph has to have a lot of things like titles subtitles and numbers. There are heaps of types of graphs like bar graphs number graphs line graphs. Well that it for now I hope you liked my blog. 

Here is a photo of a graph that I made.




Thursday, August 11, 2016


 Hi guys and welcome back to my blogs today  am going  to be blogging about robotics because over the last couple of weeks we have bean going to the hall and learning about robotics. In robotics we learn lots of different things. We had to get into buddy's. But my favourite thing  that we did in the second week was  the robots is when we had to have a race me and my buddy where so close to wining.

Here is a photo




This is me and Ella 

Well I hope you enjoyed.     

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic Task

                                                                Olympic task  

Hi guys today I am going to be blogging about my Olympic task because the Olympic 2016 is coming up   soon. I am doing my Olympic task on artist gymnastic  artist gymnastics was the first Olympic event          sport ever. now I am going to tell you some things that the athletes yours in artist gymnastics they use halo hope's string. robins and ball's. when I am bone I am going to make a model of the gymnastic stadium.
now I am going to tell you guys some facts about the artist gymnastic. the balls have to be soft. so if they fall the ball won't heart the gymnast.    

1: there are 4 women's artist gymnastic's events.

2: artist gymnastic's was first introduces in the 1928.

3: there are no more perfect 10 in gymnastic's

4: men"s artist gymnastics has 6 event

here is a photo

This girl is using the ribbon. They have to work really hard to lean how to do all those
moves. well that it for now I hope you like my blog post and keep an I out for more of my blogs.