Wednesday, March 30, 2016

camp fun

Hi we just got back from camp last week. It was so much fun I enjoyed it so much. All the year 4  camped at omatua and one morning we had to walk a long a really step wobbly bridge to camp weka it was scary when I got to the end it wasn't that scary. We had to walk through a really big paddock and guess what there was a lot of cow poo in the paddock!  Lucky I had shoes on or I wood if had pooey feet. When my group got there all the other kids had their togs on so we put our togs on as well. When I just put my togs on I had to put a lot and a lot of sunscreen on. When all the kids had their togs on we went to some activities. They were all so much fun. When we got back from the activities it was about lunch so the parents  made us sandwiches. They were really yummy. That was a really fun day. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

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