Sunday, October 23, 2016

my school holiday

Hi guys welcome back to my blogs today I am going to tell you about my amazing holiday. In my holiday I did lots of cool things but my most  favourite activity that I did was going to the movie's in Waipukurau. with my mum's friend called Shawn. 

Shawn, my brother and me got the tickets to watch Pete's dragon. The movie really cool but at times it was all so really sad. When the movie was all  over we went outside to discover thousands of big white hail so we decided to go to Shawn's house seen he lives on a farm. When we got there the grass was white I hopped out of the car piked some up it was freezing but that did not stop me and my brother from playing in it . We wanted to go in the paddock when we did I saw a big pail of hail Cody went straight for it. He had a idea of jumping off the fence into all the hail. Now to me it sounded like weird idea but he did it anyway. Just as he did Mum came out and told us the it was getting late and we should start heading back. So we got our  things said goodbye and hopped in the car.                    

Well I hope you liked my blog.

here is a photo of Petes Dragon.
Image result for pete's dragon 

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